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  1. 元永 2008.11.15 02:32 신고 edit & del reply

    흠, 아스트랄 하구만-_-!


  2. Suvi 2008.11.06 04:20 edit & del reply

    Hey~ 규진~~ Long time no see >_< How are you doing? I hope everything is going fine with you. I was just going through some photos on my computer and I saw your photo, too~ 0o0 I realized just how much I miss you now T_T; So I just wanted to leave a message here... Anyway, my birthday is coming soon! Only 15 days left and I'll be 17! I hope I can see you before my birthday because I really want to talk with you~ But if you can't come online to MSN then that's alright, too because I know you're busy with University and all. ^^' I just hope we can talk again soon and to let you know I miss you~ So, take care,
    오빠! 0o0/

    • Mr.Crazyani 2008.11.15 04:19 신고 edit & del

      Ahh;; Sorry; I've got your note right now;;

      I was very very busy... T_T and still busy;; I finished my work, but there's lots of things to study.

      Wow! I didn't late for your birthday! So lucky >_<;; Then is it 11/21? Today is 11/15... Yeah, I didn't late!;;

      I'll come to MSN soon! See you later-Before your birthday! Bye 0o0/

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  4. Suvi 2008.09.08 00:45 edit & del reply

    I saw your comment! >_</ And I'm very glad to hear from you. ;_; But it's ok, now I know what's going on~ You need to study hard, ok? Don't worry if we can't talk often, I want you to study and do your work well. ^^ I should start studying hard too because we have exam week soon... ;_; German is very hard, I hope I don't fail this exam >_<; Anyway, study hard! See you later o/

  5. Suvi 2008.09.07 09:56 edit & del reply

    Hey 0_0/ How are you doing? I miss you a little ;; Oh yeah, I have a real guestbook on my blog now! Check it out~ 나중에 봬요! >_</

    • Mr.Crazyani 2008.09.19 22:38 신고 edit & del

      Oh; I didn't catch it for a long time;; sorry -0-;; I'll visit your blog soon! See you later~